Given a time machine, what era would you go back to? This question usually has people imagining themselves in Ancient Rome brushing shoulders with Emperors, cavorting at Renaissance festivals, or in the company of Pharaohs in the old Kingdom of Egypt.

However, there exists a less well-known epoch and setting which was home to some of the most extravagant celebrations and vivacious gatherings in history. Imagine returning to the Kingdom of Morocco; an ancient country that was founded in 788 AD, that was home to great kings, opulent palaces, grand gates, extraordinary luxury, belly-dancing, big-band music, and cuisine that seemed sent from a divine realm.

Such fantasizing is not required for those who wish to experience a taste of the regal life in Morocco at Little Morocco Cafe’s “Sultan’s Table,” here in modern-day Burlington, Vermont. A place where affluent guests are invited to discover the intricate traditional Moroccan gastronomy, presented in our exquisite dishes with unparalleled culinary savoir-faire.

The “Sultan’s Table” exudes Morocco’s multi-ethnic and multi-faceted culinary history, blending native Berber traditions with the flavors and spices of Andalusian Spain, France and Arabia. It is one of the greatest cuisines in the world, perfected slowly; over generations to create renowned signature dishes which are celebrated across the globe today. These include but are not limited to: the magnificent traditional Moroccan “seven salads,” Lamb Shank Tagine, Couscous, Mechoui, and Pastilla.

The Sultan’s Table offers its distinguished guests a unique dining experience synonymous with sublime Moroccan gastronomic tradition. It is produced in a sophisticated and refined manner. It is delivered in sumptuous ambiance with precision and undeniable culinary prowess.